@RIOT Legit lore question from Awaken about Yasuos power limit

So Irellia and Karma were suppose to be pretty big dogs, tough to, but here we see Kennen literally summon lightning from the sky, and yasuo make a literal giant as hell tornado to knock and most likely kill hundreds of noxian soldiers. My big question here is about Yasuo though 1-Is that yasuos current cannon full power? 2-How many tornados can he make a day of that size and scale, cause that's a pretty big one 3-Is that the largest he can go, or can he create bigger? 4-If he can create literal storms of that scale, why would he even challenge Sion on a ground level? Just throw that guy a hundred feet into the air and he will break his neck while falling down, along with everything else. 5-or was it just beyond heavily exaggerated art for the sake of hype?
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