Ixaocan's reveal was uneventful and anticlimactic :/

So Ixtal is supposed to be the Wakanda of Runeterra, a vast and extremely advanced modern civilization, emerging from the jungle with the rise of Qiyana, out to share great advancements in magic, technology, specifically in elemental control. Ixtal is supposed to be a vast oasis of knowledge and history opening Runeterra up to a whole new era of enlightenment, yet since Ixtal's introduction there hasn't been much enlightening happening. All we've been given was a new faction page, a couple of images of fancy buildings and not much else. We've yet to be introduced to Ixtali culture, what the people are like, what they look like, how they're dressed, how their streets look like, class systems, etc. Pretty sure we haven't had a faction introduction since the introduction of the Institute of War with the Journal of Justice back before it was discontinued in 2014. It's been more than 5 years since then and the moment we finally have a new faction to introduce, y'all do the bare minimum. When Piltover and Zaun were reimagined they were given this whole new introduction page where you could scroll from Piltover down to the trenches of Zaun that described different parts of the cityscape giving us a taste of what it meant to live in either Piltover or Zaun. Years later we're introduced to Ixtal and it's the most anticlimactic bs ever. Ixtal's faction page looks so empty and blank and it's an eyesore if I'm being honest. I know we've only been introduced to one sole Ixtali champion but I mean if you're going to introduce a whole new faction into the game after years since the last, at least put some effort into it. A lot of us were excited to see this whole new facet of Runeterra, all the new content, new lore, new theories that could arise, you can imagine our disappointment getting nothing but 3 short paragraphs of text and 4 pictures of random buildings without expanding on what Ixtal is actually like. Rito pls give us more Ixtal content, it feels like y'all got lazy and just pumped out whatever you had at the time, which honestly probably is the case D:

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