UNHOLY Shizzle batman! (Mordekaiser Rebuilding)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cc0kgY--5tc Afterwatch considerations... The new skillset seems powerful, his new ultimate is just out of the world and I love it but I'm going to miss repaing and enslaving the sould of fed ADCs and Yi. I see he has a pull, I wouldn't have given him CCs, I would have made him unaffected by CCs (or a really reduced effect) but I will wait to see his entire kit before judging. And last but not least... #**_Please Art Team give him RED EYES_**. Unless something major to his lore happened too, him not being similar to the other SI ghosts and undeads is a major part of his core as a character and his red eyes full of malice are a distinctive trait that gets openly mentioned in his background.
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