Ahri's last whereabout

Ill make it clear now. Im asking for an 'info dump' on Ahri's lore. I may have filled insome gaps but fromwhat I know. Ahri started as a white fur fox in a vastayan forest, with the unique ability to collect and store the essence of a living being. While at first naturally following her instinct she suddenly came to the ending of a fight between two mages. As she approached the mages essence began to flow towards her; they were dying afterall. Upon consuming the mens essence is when Ahri, the nine-tailed fox was born. A vastayan with the features of a human female, who had ears and tails. Consuming the essence nourished her transformed state, however she would also see the memories theyd experienced. For some time she protected a small village in silence. At first she would hunt intruders near the village or invaders who threatened the land, but after some time of consuming such rotten memories she got sick of it and she began to travel again. While traveling she is entertained by a traveling artist who would paint pictures of ionia. but something ebbed the man to an early death. In his final moments he was talking to Ahri about his visions for the future, where he sought to grow together with her. Ahri was in tears and despair as she weeped over the artist who had so thoughtfully talked to her all this time about what it was like to be human. As she tried to hold him for the first time she realised the closer she could get to the source of the essence the more clear the memories became. She couldnt control herself in the end, his memories were of ahri's many curious interactions with his human tools. As she cried and saw at all the curious little gazes he'd always try hard to resist, after his final moments she stopped crying, maybe she just couldnt anymore, what had caught her attention was the realization that this was the first time she had consumed the memory of someone who she considered something other than a stranger. It was the first time she felt something different than vastayan. _And considering the portal as a little bit of canon then she was on the verge of falling to her death since the portal closed before she could make it._
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