Unpopular Opinion but I think in the upcoming Fiddlesticks rework he should remain "unscary"

Nah I actually prefer Fiddles be kept somewhat goofy. I actually think LoL's 3 horror champs have this interesting ecosystem going on where each one has its own "level" on the range from grimdark to goofy {{champion:56}} Nocturne is the zero-comedy actually edgy/creepy " drip drop the sound of blood" horror icon. He is all buisness all the time with ZERO chill. He only wants one thing and that is to murder-torture all mortals he comes across. This guy is the actual "shit your pants scary" champion in LoL. Everything about his kit points to that. His voice lines are also full edgelord basically on par with Reaper from Overwatch practically in how badly he just wants to murder everything. This guy is FULL grimdark {{champion:35}} Shaco is a in between of both goofy and creepy.There is nothing supremely creepy about "MARCH MARCH MARCH" or him literally doing the worm and blowing raspberries. There are some more comedic but most importantly _entertaining_ tones to Shaco and I dont think that should thrown down the drain to make a 2nd ultra edgy "KILL KILL KILL, SLAY THE INNOCENTS" type monster. Thats a slot for me personally I think NOCTURNE already occupies and we dont need characterization overlap there. I place Shaco in this weird "in between" place. Yeah he's supposed to be scary but he's also pretty entertaining and wacky like a Looney Tune. I dont think Shaco is supposed to be the "Jumpscare" type champion in league. Just the weirdo prankster. not fueled by malice or bloodthirst but rather by a childlike naivety, sociopathy and aversion of boredom not too far of the same strain Jinx {{champion:222}} is characterized as having. The Creepyness of Shaco shouldnt come from HIM but rather whats what happens when the player THEMSELVES steps back and actually analyzes what the character is doing and his impact on the world around him? Shaco being creepy or scary should be more of a creeping epiphany not part of the inherent slew of emotions he first invokes when you lock him and play. I dont want to lock in Shaco and hear some guttural demonic "YES....THE SOULS....THEY BECKON TO BE ENTERTAINED.." line. I want to lock him in and hear carnival music with a jolly "HOO HOO HEEE HEEE HO LETS HAVE SOME FUN!" . This guy the bridge between grimdark and goofy kinda https://thumbs.gfycat.com/TerribleCoarseApatosaur-size_restricted.gif http://game.ahgame.com/uploads/allimg/160922/16434CD6-13.gif {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks for me falls into the family friendly category. He's more like a Nightmare before Christmas extra. his little [" OAOOUUGHAAAA"](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/8/81/Fiddlesticks.laugh1.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20131110231428) "scary" laugh I cant help but snicker at how supremely UNSCARY he actually comes off as. the dude is a goddamn Scooby-Doo spook chasing kids off his property NOT a cold blooded killer-reaper they try to sell him as. and I actually ENJOY that. I ENJOY that we have the equivalent of the Space Kook in our game or a Monsters Inc reject running around screeching about removing peoples brains. Someone who thinks popping out around a corner and yelling " OOGAH BOOGA!" is a superior scare technique. I mean seriously people. PLAY THE CHARACTER tell me if ANYTHING AT ALL about him comes off as intimidating or dread inspiring. to me fiddlesticks is FULL cheesy goofball. https://www.mobafire.com/images/champion/skins/landscape/fiddlesticks-surprise-party.jpg https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/2907/3277/original.gif anyways yeah. The way I see is that every character in LoL right now kinda characterization hole they fill but every time reworks to these characters are mentioned I hear the SAME things " this is Riots chance to do a TRULY SCARY FEAR INSPIRING CHARACTER" or " THIS TIME RIOT CAN TRULY DO A CHAMPION THAT INVOKES DREAD". Well i mean why do ALL three of them need to be scary? Why do ALL of them need to send people in cold sweats and invoke dread? why cant we have some variety? Why cant we have a goofball? At least keep ONE of these characters more of a menace to society as opposed to some remorseless stalking killer.
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