Shouldn’t Illaoi be able to kill Aatrox with the Test of Nagakabouros?

So, few days ago we finally got the Aatrox Lore and learned that he despites his existence and wants to end it but found no way to do it. He is stuck in a prison which denies him the ability to die. As long his soul is bound to the sword, he can’t stop existing. But we do have a champion which can pull out the soul of his body – Illaoi. When she does the [Test of Nagakabouros](, she pulls out the soul of the person and the person has to fight so they don’t lose the battle. If they lose, the person dies. Illaoi has various quotes in her VO in which she states that she dislikes [Ascended]( since they are [cheating death]( WAAARGHbobo did mentioned that cheating death is [an autofail]( for the Test. In the end Darkins are still Ascended. In combination to the autofail mentioned above, Aatrox is caught in a behavior which would make him unable to pass that Test anyway. So, if Illaoi actually is able to pull out Aatrox’ soul out of the weapon, she should be able to actually kill him and give him his death he wishes for. The question would be that is more powerful: Illaoi’s God or the magic of an Aspect? Edit: Someone posted my question on the Aatrox AMA and WAAARGHbobo responded. >[ I think it's possible Illaoi's god could free/kill Aatrox's human soul and allow that soul to return to the cosmos. But it's complicated because the celestial concept Aatrox merged with and gained his ascended power from -- has been trapped/deleted. Literally the ideal/idea he represented ceased to exist when he was trapped. Human's no longer could even have the thought/idea he was the avatar of. ](
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