The Dream Thief - Lissandra story!

##**_~~News~~_** We have a story on Lissandra and her dream-walking, read up here! This is the russian story that was released over there months ago. I am so happy we finally get to read this piece in its canon form :D[] ####**_~~Story Breakdown 1/2~~_** Starting right off we find out that Lissandra visits the Watchers in order to force them into an eternal dream. She did not manage to make the dreaming permanent so every now and again she ventures to the bottom of the abyss to make sure her former masters are not waking. This tells us that she is not a fool to only rely on her warriors to visit once a year but she also does it herself. She seems to only trust herself fully. _*~~Priest- Part~~*_ Her priest is with the Winter's Claw I believe and he is there to monitor the tribe on the Frostguard behalf, so he needs to write letters back to them as a report of the current situation. Her visit surprises him, he is questioning his loyalty and is ashamed when Lissandra witnesses those thoughts. I doubt that those thoughts are any surprise to her. When she visits him she communicates to him that he needs to listen to the ice. The messaging, telepathic or through dreams rather, is off and unclear sometimes. He is unsure of how to listen to the ice. _*~~Little Girl Reathe- Part~~*_[] Lissandra enters the dream of a little young child. This child has heard the tales of the Ice Witch, she does not like the Ice Witch. Reathe is shocked to see Liss in her dreams but wakes up fast only for us to discover that the child is also Iceborn. Lissandra shows interest in her as she could be a great ally or enemy in the future. _*~~Old Man- Part~~*_ An older gentleman ventures into the mountains only to find himself lost, cold and dying in a cave. This part is fascinating to me. Lissandra visits him as he is dreaming, about to pass away. I am shocked here, Lissandra shows great, great humility by calming him and offering to stay in order to help him die in piece and go on to see his ancestors and those who died before him. It almost seems like she is jealous of his ability to die and see the great beyond if you will. _*~~Avarosan- Part~~*_[] This avarosan man has dreamt of killing the Ice Witch many times. Lissandra knows that and she protects herself this time. She entombs herself as he is about to strike her with his sword. His dream ends but we find out that Lissandra loses a fragment of her soul every time someone kills her in their dream. This is interesting! _*~~Shaman- Part~~*_[] Here we see a shaman, a follower of the Volibear who is about to transform from human into beast. While transforming the shamans enter a dream-like state which Lissandra can enter just like any dream. She is disgusted by this process and his transformation. She picks up a shard of True Ice and kills the shaman in his dream. He dies and she feels as tho she spared him of a life time of misery. We learn here that Liss is capable of killing people in their dream, they however can not kill her. She truly mastered dream walking. ####**_~~Story Breakdown 2/2~~_** The Ice Witch returns to her body which she can see in her "spirit" state from the sky, her body remains on the sheet of True Ice in the Abyss. Her ability to enter dreams also allows her to see what the Watchers seem to be dreaming. But all they dream is of nothing-ness, or when induced, of Lissandra's own death which seems to satisfy them. However, Liss does know that all they want is for Runeterra to be swallowed into emptiness. With her spirit returning to her body, she dressed up again and rose back to the Frostguard. Did you notice that she did not mind the cold not even one single bit? She lied naked on True Ice for hours probably, IN THE ABYSS where water freezes in seconds and Iceborn die if they remain for too long. Lissandra truly is the spawn of winter, she is the cold. Reathe, the girl from earlier is now in a cave, talking to Lissandra seemingly... But suddenly an older man joins her.. Now we are all thinking "What is going on? The man survived?" No... He became a frozen thrall I believe. He became Lissandra's passive... > The man’s skin is blue, and translucent. His movements are haggard and stiff, as though he’s trying to reawaken his failing joints. Seems like Lissandra used his body somehow to guide the girl to the Frostguard because the fortress is hidden and not easy to find. Not only the girls returns tho, 5 figures return. >They seek the Ice Witch. Like so many others through the centuries, they each met Lissandra in their dreams… but now they each feel something else, deep inside. _**~~Questions~~**_ 1. How did Lissandra descend into the abyss? Is there a hidden way or? 2. The priest reports to the Frostguard, how do the letters get sent? I assume by utlizing messaging birds? What kind? 3. Lissandra showed an incredible amount of humility when she helped the man pass away, was it an act to use him or was she genuine? Incredible contrast compared to the image of her as the evil ice witch! 4. How did Lissandra reanimate the old man? Did she make a thrall of him? 5. Did Volibear actually witness Lissandra kill his shaman? Was he unable to act?
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