A better star guardian option...

So everyone but the Ahri mains seem annoyed that she got the legend Star Guardian skin, especially after getting force fed into the Arcade skin line recently as well. But can you even imagine how awesome that 360 picture would have been if you had opened it up to see, rather than {{champion:103}} doing nothing but looking pretty, {{champion:89}} leading the charge of the new Guardian team. How awesome it would have been to see Leona, shield expanded for Eclipse, bursting through the void blast as Ezreal, Sarah and Syndra bombarded the monster with full Star Guardian dps fury giving our starchild Soraka a chance to heal the injured team? How inspiring it would be for Lux to have Leona, a strong woman of iron conviction with a heart of sun-warmth gold, to look up to as the leader of the more experienced team? Rather than a seductive fox-woman who doesn't wanna stop being a teenager... I dunno, just feels like a great lore opporotunity was missed in an attempt to make money off a popular piece of nine-tails as the for front.. edit:The Ahri mains found my post :(
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