The opinion of ONE Karma main

I do not enjoy her new lore. I do not dislike her character being based off the Dalai Llama, but from the pacifist route she has chosen. Asides absolutely none of her quotes making sense now (if other champions quotes are lore canon, so are hers), the pacing of her story feels rushed and makes little sense. Darha hears voices, slowly losing her sanity over it, some monks make her the leader of their order, she has her own identity overpowered by past incarnations of herself, invaders come, she decides to kill a bad guy, the voices stop and now she's hiding in a cave waiting for the voices to come back in their entirety. What? How is this character interesting? WHO is this character? Is she Darha or is she Karma? If Karma is basically 1000+ previous lives then how does the voice of one child compel 1000+ elders with ancient wisdom to break their mantra? I really wish there was more pressure for Riot to put some effort into this champion. Every change that happens to her is usually met with a majority of criticism. Riot does extremely well on their lore as of late so why does it feel that Karma, the champion they typically mess up and should be striving to do better than before, once again gets a rush job?
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