Change Evelynn's Prestige Skin

So the final K/DA Prestige Skin has been revealed at long last, first impressions of her are great but I think there should be a few changes to the model/splash, as we saw with Prestige Ahri. This is all my personal opinion of course, but I main Eve when I play jungle and I want to see her get the skin she deserves. To me at least, the excessive amount of gold on the skin is a bit much, it makes her look at bit flat and boring, when compared to [Ahri with her subtle pastel pink highlights/glowing tails](, [Akali with her blue blades and Peach hair](, and even [Kai'Sa with the blue Gems on her cannons]( I think that prestige Eve should incorporate similar elements to have it look a little less monochromatic, and more 'Prestige' like the other skins. For example; Akali's turqoise blades on her prestige skin would work amazingly for Evelynn's lashers, and since a super short, Blonde cut just doesn't really seem like Eve, maybe her iconic pink hairstyle from the original skin could be used, or maybe have it Peach like Akali's Prestige hair. During the wait for this release, I did a little searching and alot of the fanmade concepts for the skin are amazing, while not actually being too far from what she looks like now. Here's an example with the blue lashers and Peach hair I was talking about earlier: [(Eve Prestige Concept by Shedá N on Artstation)]( And here's another take on it, with Eve having peach hair and peach gem details inside her lashers, which I think works really well and looks alot better than blonde and gold: [(Eve Prestige concept by King_Slowpoke on Reddit)]( Or possibly even take the peach colour and use it for her lashers' blades. Anyway, thats my take on the new skin and a few things I think could be better, let me know which ideas you agree with or if you have any suggestions of your own by replying, I'd like to see what everyone else thinks of her new skin!
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