The New Colorful Mage/New champ Speculation

So Before I start, I just want to point out that this is just a pure speculation and a theory. Just take it with a grain of salt. I always wanted to do/write this theory but there's always someone who creates a thread(here or in reddit) about it first than I, so I lose interest in making one and just go with the flow and discuss in those threads instead by commenting my opinion about it. But today, I want to share it with you guys. First, read the newest article ["2018 All-Star Event Announcement"]( . It clearly states that in that time, > It’s bound to be full of surprises including a few sneak peeks and spotlights of new League content. Fans will see what the pros can do with a colorful and curious new addition to the rift, get an early look at what this year’s Snowdown has in store, and more. So by that time, Dec 6-8, 2018, 2018 All-Star Event, the new mage champ will probably be playable. So when we do the math, dec 5 would be patch 8.24a and dec 6-8 is not a coincidental patch for the new champ to be live. Not to mention, it would be the time/patch where snowdown skins would debut as well. In short, the new champ would be playable in the PBE in the 3rd week of november after/with the Pre-season Patch(?) like Zoe and maybe the new champ's reveal is like Zoe's reveal as well, before the worlds finals during the music concert. Next Clue is that the new Ezreal field notes covered her. 1 note that ezreal clearly written was: > Locals call the area around Paretha the “Vale of Silver Mist”, and I can see why. It’s a magical place… all alluring and mysterious. > > **I personally had an out of body experience while hunting for the Elixir of Uloa. I saw myself in the jungle, peering back at me with curious eyes from behind a tree. I looked pretty good. Then the tree talked to me. I swear it followed me for a while.** > > ** If this doesn’t seem like something you’d enjoy, then you should definitely avoid drinking the taffa-flower water.** > > -Ez In the 2018 All-Star Event article, it clearly stated that theres a new **colorful** and **curious** new addition to the rift meaning its a new champ. The colorful mage rather unless bamboozled. And as to why I also pointed curious, look at the creature that follows ezreal. It had curious eyes plus the association of nature that surrounds the creature like trees and the taffa-flower which is also a clue for the new champ (see August 2018 road map about the new colorful mage image teaser). Plus, if you know reav3's word play in those articles, the new champ has a camouflage base on this sentence "colorful mage that won’t stay **hidden** for too much longer". lastly, add Ezreal's hallucinations that was caused maybe by this champ. A stealthy and a new form of CC champ what a LUL hahaha. And Yes!! The Jungles/Kumungu Jungles would become a faction again if that happens!! Nida and Zyra lore when? 3rd Clue, Ahri's color story, " [Garden of Forgetting](". Just read this part of the short story. > She had heard **legends of the sacred grove** since childhood, but had never before traversed the southern caverns to find it. According to the stories, **those who stepped over the threshold of the garden began as one person and left as someone else entirely, or did not leave at all.** > > Whatever the truth might be, Ahri had made up her mind. As she stepped into the garden, the back of her neck prickled as **if someone were watching her.** No figure was visible amongst the trees, but the garden was far from still. Everywhere Ahri looked, new flowers bloomed with each passing second. Ahri walked a winding path through the tangle of plants, stepping over roots rumbling beneath the soil. She ducked under hanging vines that reached out to her as if clamoring for affection. She could have sworn she heard a hush from the soft rustling of leaves. > > Moonbeams shone through the canopy above, revealing** trees bearing leaves of silver and gold**. Flower stalks entwined around their trunks, curling to display dazzling buds brighter than any gemstone. Plump spicecherries coated in a layer of frost chimed softly as they swayed amid an untamed thicket. > > A snow lily stretched toward Ahri’s face and caressed her cheek gently. It was too alluring to resist. Ahri pressed her face into its petals to** inhale its heady scent**. Her nose chilled and she took in the faint smell of oranges, the summer breeze, and the tang of a fresh kill. The blossom trembled as it blushed with color, and Ahri’s breath caught in her throat. **She swayed, dizzy at the flower’s perfume.** > > Snip. > > The snow lily fell to the soil, severed at its stem. A viscous liquid seeped from the cut. Ahri let out a breath, her nine tails twitching as her head cleared. > > Ahri startled as a **woman with wisps of gray-white hair stood before her, shears in hand. She was wrapped in colorful shawls and her eyelashes sparkled with dew.** > > As the woman turned her sea-green gaze to Ahri, Ahri felt a strange unease, as if** this woman could slice through her gut just as easily as a fibrous stalk.** The **woman’s face, wrinkled like tree bark**, was impossible to read. But Ahri was no longer concerned for her own safety. > > &ldquoYou startled me, **Ighilya**,” said Ahri. In the stories, the **old woman was known as the Eater of Secrets, the Forgotten, or the Witch Gardener**. Wanting to show respect to one with such power, Ahri decided to call her Ighilya. Great grandmother. > > “The flowers want something from us,” she said. “Just as we seek something from them. It would be wise to keep your nose to yourself. I would know. I have to feed these hungry babies myself.” > > “So you are the Gardener,” said Ahri. Sorry for making you read longer than expected lol. But now that you've read it. I just want to point out parts of the story specially the bold ones for you. First, you are wondering that maybe I'm contradicting myself that I've said that the new champ lives in the jungles based on the ezreal journal but ever wonder that the new champ just traveled in ionia? I know its possible, udyr, LS, ez and other champs travels but they still has a distinct faction in them. Specially that this witch gardener is magical, like eve/TK magical that teleports into different places in a short period of time. To point out that Ighilya is the new champ, ahri felt as someone is watching her and that Ighilya can gut her like a fibrous stalk(maybe double meaning like stalking?) which can be counted as the stealthy/camouflage-y like the new champ. Another point is the element of this character which involves nature like the new champ. her titles, her tree bark wrinkles, her dew eyelashes are nature characteristics. Another point is that the one ez saw, fits the description of Ighilya, a stealthy tree person that uses flowers/fragrance to counter attack and the "Vale of Silver Mist", what if its also the garden that teleports? because ahri saw trees bearing SILVER and gold. Lastly, if maybe she is really the new champ, she would have a new CC like what I've mentioned above that causes hallucinations when you're inside of a zone(like graves W) based on this sentence "those who stepped over the threshold of the garden began as one person and left as someone else entirely, or did not leave at all." with taffa flower indulgence in the zone. Plus, what if this user can maybe control you by damaging one of your 5 senses with flowers? Ahri inhaled a pollen from a flower and Ezreal drank a liquid from a flower? Last point is the one that scathlocke said in the last couple of months, that there are easter eggs involving future content/champs in the Map. the one that makes my theory very solid is that the flower picture in ionia called Ionian Flowers, Plant of Ionia relates to this colorful mage because of those flowers. Why would they put it there? its an unnecessary content to put it in unless its a teaser specially that ahri's story take place there and maybe that was a teaser/ an easter egg image of a future champ. that concludes my post, sorry for the long post. Tl;Dr: Ighilya, a witch old gardener lady in ahri's story is the new champ based on the points that I've covered. She's a native to the Jungles/Kumungu Jungles(if not renamed) that likes to travel. She is a nature element that incorporates trees and plants(flowers & fragrance) that can control you by damaging one of your 5 senses and uses a new CC called hallucinate. She likes to stalk and a curious being. She will be out in patch 8.24a and be tease in the worlds finals like Zoe. PS: I wish this is real because its an old woman/witch archetype :D
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