About Volibear rework

I think everyone feel that Volibear's rework is very near. With the recent mentions of Volibear we have that grand eldritch description that surely looks interesting. I welcome this changes. But for the love of Volibear, do not forget to make that Thundergod Bear **noble**. The main appeal for me, Voli's half-main, is that he is noble. He is this grand noble figure, fearful and aweful Beast-God. When you see him, you feel that he is the War God, that Volibear is relentless. But also you feel that it is a noble creature. Not some beast spirit, but God. The real god in flesh (well.. you understand). So, please, do not forget to not only make him eldritch being that we saw in Sej's and Udyr's story, but also make him a noble God. God of War, who is not just that bloodlust being, but also have God-like features and aesthetic about him <3

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