Kayle face doesn't move?

I really love the rework of {{champion:10}} and {{champion:25}}. I think {{champion:25}} face is pretty function in the game, but i think {{champion:10}} face isn't functional at all. i feel like her face doesn't move at all, like a example when {{champion:25}} laugh, her face move (u know her eye, mouth....) but {{champion:10}} doesn't Ofc i know {{champion:10}} have a helmet on in the game and i do understand that, but when her helmet is off and you can see her face. But that doesn't mean that is pretty bad, it's not that a big deal, but it have bothered me a little bit, but i still love how the sister came out after the rework. Don't worry I do love their face ofc, but i just wished Kayle face could move. If her face does move, maybe i didn't see it's clear just write that i was wrong. (i know that in the teaser {{champion:10}} eyes move) Thank you so much for your time <3 ps i really like that in game {{champion:10}} is smaller than {{champion:25}} is, probably her wings.

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