Underrated Skins, Part 2: Buccaneer Tristana, Rocket Girl Tristana

Of the Bilgewater Burning Tides skinline... Tristana seemed *very* out of place. Lore: None. Splash art: Tristana can be seen using Rocket Jump from one side of the ship to the other. All we know is that she's on a ship, and the skies are darkened. Tristana adorns a Buccaneer uniform and an eyepatch. Summary: Pirate themed Tristana. My thoughts: Earlier, Riot updated Tristana's lore. She was in Bilgewater for a time and saved up to buy the cannon from a weapons dealer _in_ Bilgewater. Obviously not 1:1 of her in Bilgewater at the time, this lore edit definitely sparks up this skin for anyone else who likes this lil' yordle gunner's lore. _____________ A solo skin with no other match or counterpart, is Rocket Girl Tristana. Lore: None. Splash Art: Tristana, using ( supposively ) Rocket Jump. However, this time mid-flight. She adorns a jumpsuit with updo-hair, and very, VERY large missle launcher. Summary: Tristana if she had ~~gone to Piltover instead of Bilgewater.~~ a better gun. My thoughts: Many people are surprised that despite the wild bights and missile concept, Rocket Girl was not a Neon Strike / Super Galaxy skin. I can completely agree here with that, as I was shocked too. Don't let turn you off to her though, because this is a really great skin in-game. Auto-attacks, W animation, E and R have been changed. The only thing missing is a unique recall. If you see this on sale, and you love Tristana; don't hesitate.

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