Arcade Miss Fortune's Missing Sound - The Tale of the Forgotten Blip

Reblip the Bloop - Arcade Miss Fortune bug
This is causing me serious psychological harm.
When Miss Fortune {{champion:21}} was updated in Patch 5.22, she got a new passive (Love Tap). The Arcade MIss Fortune skin initially had two sounds for Love Tap, a primary and an alternate. **Blip, bloop**. As of patch 5.23 (and every patch since), the first sound stopped playing. **Bloop, bloop**. I've posted this on the bug report forums a few times, but I'm not sure if this is a bug or an intentional design choice at this point. I know it was considered a bug many months ago, but since it hasn't been fixed, I'm thinking Riot changed their minds. I greatly miss blip, however, and would prefer its return. Here's a video with the comparison of the original and the changed version.
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