I love Vayne's new lore. I just wish she had more depth.

Vayne's new story and lore are a pleasure to read. She's so much more fleshed out, more real and way darker than before, in a disturbing but fascinating way. She's the darker side of Demacia we begged to see and she's more Batman than Van Helsing now, which is also nice. http://i.imgur.com/QK5MsUd.jpg I just have one little wish: I wish she were bigger, cleverer and more important than a single minded vengeance-focused monster gore fetishist: * I wish her stories focused on the cunning and intelligence she used to get where she is. I'm not sure it's even implied: in her short story she straight up Vaynes out. * I wish she had more vision: I wish she wasn't living her life to risk it for the next kill but instead carefully planned the eradication of the dark arts * I wish this made her politically involved, and there was a highly-upvoted earlier thread about her unfinished business with the Black Rose from the old lore: [Regarding the upcoming Vayne lore and some things left unfinished from the Journal of Justice](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/IOlTwqsx-regarding-the-upcoming-vayne-lore-and-some-things-left-unfinished-from-the-journal-of-justice) * Finally, and I believe this goes for many Vayne fans, this excerpt from the old lore made me fall in love with her: > Vayne reflexively adjusted the crossbow on her arm. "When do we begin?" she asked. > The summoner who seemed to be in charge of this process turned away from the fire. He was a gracefully aging man, approaching middle-age, with a quiet authority borne of true power. "In moments. First, I want to ask you how you managed to get past our defenses to gain access to the deeper chambers of the Institute." > **"The same way I know that you are Senior Summoner Ezekiel Montrose and that the woman with you is Summoner Lessa Carin. The same way I know that you take rose-hip tea every day, the route you walk to your home, and that you sleep on a very uncomfortable bed. I am the Night Hunter. Now get on with it. I have already submitted to your authority."** Let's face it, League is lacking in women who shine with wits and intelligence alone. There are a few, but making one of them less so won't help the cause. If I could only ask for one thing, it would be to make Vayne the brilliant hacker she was again. I know she isn't very popular on these boards but imagine how much cooler retaining that side would make her: vicious, insane, but brilliant and insanely strategic in her pursuit. (a bit like another love of mine, Lisbeth Salander from "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".) http://imgur.com/ebnmkrq.jpg Of course, the current lore presents her at a rather early point of her life. It could be that future character development turns her into the awesome grand hacker I was hoping she would turn out to be. In fact I might just be asking for more Vayne stories, character development and screentime. Riot please?
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