Qiyana says "me" about 15 times during this one video

Qiyana: Empress of the Elements | Champion Trailer
Qiyana, Empress of the Elements, takes what is rightfully hers: a throne, a kingdom, a world.
I already find her demeanor about as off putting as her character design, the comment made by the rioter confirming that she isn't actually royalty and just thinks highly of herself doesn't make me hold out hope for this character. But who knows maybe she'll get an interesting looking release skin but i doubt that will help with the air of unwarranted self importance about her. An before you say it yeah gaudy and self righteous characters can work {{champion:136}} {{champion:164}} the new {{champion:82}} can work when they exaggerate their own abilities in an off handed line and it helps that one of the champs listed is literally the firmament another is scissor leg robo-cop and morde literally refused death through sheer force of will alone. But making self aggrandizing the center of someones core character is going to get grating very quickly.
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