Zilean Skin Speculation Thread

In the skins dev diary brought to us by I Am Carlos, we were told 4 champions that needed skins would be getting them, those champions being Ivern, Shaco, Nunu, and Zilean. Ivern, Shaco, and Nunu have already received their's, so the question now is: What will Zilean's be? * Now remember, we weren't told _all_ the skin themes that would be coming this year(Papercraft, Dunkmaster, Dark Star, ect), so its probable that Zilean's skin could be something similar in the "we never saw that coming" department. * Arcade/Battle Boss is obviously out, which is surprising IMO. I could see Battle Boss Zilean being a thing. * Star Guardian is out for... Obvious reasons. * Christmas skin is out, he already has one. * PROJECT is out, as its for non-magic human(oid)s only. Program may be a possibility, though, but I don't think we're getting any this year(PROJECT in 2017, Program in 2018, PROJECT in 2019, so it looks like they may be alternating between the 2). * A Harrowing skin is possible, and since we got traditional Halloween skins last year, I think this year may have Death Sworn or something similar return, if the are alternating the themes. I may have missed some, so if I did feel free to mention them and I'll add them to the list.

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