PSA: If you're spending Prestige Points on skins, wait until the end of the year

Unless you fully intend to repeatedly spend $100+ for multiple 2019 Prestige skins, don't spend your Prestige Points as soon as you can afford that skin you're eyeing. You have until next January to buy this year's non-event Prestige skins, and they haven't announced all of the skins getting the treatment. Let's say a skin comes out in July that you think is amazing and you've managed to save up 100PP. **DON'T GET IT YET.** Your two favorite champions could end up getting yearly Prestige skins in October and December. Impulse purchases earlier in the year might fuck your chances and/or wallet later in the year. 2019 PP are no longer available after December, and 2019 Prestige skins are uncraftable via PP after January 2020. In addition, any chests you open this year have a tiny chance to contain Prestige edition skins, so you might even get them without spending your PP. *Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with my opinion of the Prestige Points system or costs. This is entirely just to warn impatient buyers to look ahead before burning off their resources.* ##**_~~Adding link to official announcement since some are confused:~~_** > So we’re keeping event-specific prestige skins, but adding **yearly** prestige edition skins, which are craftable for **100 Prestige Points** each. These 2019 yearly prestige skins will release throughout the year until they all expire on **January 31, 2020, at 11:59 PM PT.** > ... > The 2019 Prestige Points will expire from Masterwork Chest bundles on **December 31, 2019, at 11:59 PM PT.** Non-event Prestige skins which are released later in the year will use the same Prestige Points as skins available now.
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