New VS event hate

I don't get it. Us peeps who like cute, not so serious skin lines have had to sit through so much edgey stuff. We get one cute skinline, that I personally love, and we're getting people talking about how they're RUINING their main with the skin? (Fizz mains). There are a ton of trash skins in my opinion. There are a ton of people who love those trash skins so I don't go out and hate on riot for it. Like damn, I didn't see a single person complain about y'all getting edgey stuff non stop, but they finally feed my taste in skins and I see all this hate? Like stop lol. Realize just because you don't like it, other people do. It's okay to say you dislike it, but asking riot to just stop the event, calling the event a joke, saying it's ruining your main, and attacking the people that do like it, that's not okay. So far all we really have are the April fools skins and the Star guardians. Meanwhile just about everything else is edge lord. Let us have somethingggg. Literally I'm seeing people ask for "Kha'Zix vs Rengar" like we need another edge lord contest where the dark side wins yet again 3x in a row.
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