Need Janna Rework Art Explanation Riot

Can someone explain to me why Riot decided to rework champion skins that did not need to be reworked? Specifically Janna. As one of my favorite champions to play, and one of the first champions I bought, why did riot reworked her and decreased the quality of her splash art? It was amazing and very lifelike. She is looks like an in game character graphic from WOW. I liked league of leagued, because the characters and art had a different dimension away from middle earth/fantasy typical artwork and feel. I know League of Legends hired someone from WOW, and I am not blaming him. League of Legends should be separated from other games like this. Now Janna doesn't even look like herself or fit the lore at all! Please Riot, I need an explanation. [Edit: Made three deletions of harsh comments within this post]
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