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* So the recent news is that Morgana {{champion:25}} will be only VU'ed (or very high chances of that) when her inevitable update with Kayle. I'm big believer in that she must also recieve some gameplay update also. Yup, I know my thread is looking like it belongs in gameplay section, but I can't make posts in Gameplat section due to low lvl summoner. :) But I'll try to neglect this problem by adressing this issue from art and feeling standpoint ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _First of all_, let's see what today Morgana looks like from art standpoint. The main theme for Morgana is that she is "the fallen angel". She also represents that idea of good in Chaos, while Kayle represents the idea of strict Order, and what can be bad about it. SHe's that sexy, free but a bit evil with that floats with her wings. Not very fallen angel, if you ask me. But in a fame perspective Morgana's toolkit does not _really_ embodies that idea of "Fallen Angel" or even peer to Kayle. Nothing embodies that cool, but not evil badness apart from her W. Artistically her W is very cool idea - to be able as player to scorch, to curse land at someone's feet. That's very neat. That's giving her theme to work with, and quite inspiring Also Morg's passive ability is very lackluster. It is very unispiring. I always forget what it does. It's just basic healing and really dull. **So, we'll proceed to my idea.** Please, please, Riot, for the love of god make her W is her passive ability! The ability to scorch earth, land is cool. It should be not this small circle, but massive area in fight, so it can't be shrug off. But how could we do it? Make that her passive create this circle of cursed land whenever Morgana touches anyone with ANY of her abilities. Listen, W is used only for 2 things: 1. When you have catched someone with your Q, you instantly place a W under them. SO they could be combined. 2. To push minions. To be honest that is quite boring. Now imagine this: You give your ally a E magic shield, and there is cursed land around 'em. You catch someone with Q, and there is cursed land around 'em. You get into the teamfight and cast your ulti when there are 5 enemies around you: suddenly there are 5 circles of cursed land in the teamfight, that enemies must be ware of. I played quite a lot as Morgana and that's the dream! You create that giant cursed area around you, and now enemies must respect it. This is what I want from upcoming Morgana's update: to be able to curse half of everyone's screen. So they would NOTICE ME. (and yes ult is not enough :D) That feel is supersatisfying. (I imagine) That would be neat from **art**'s perspective. Now Morgana isn't just evil witch that tries to catch you with that 2 year long Q, but instead she is that art counter to Kayle. She is dark that surrounds the light. Kayle is that embodiment of Light, of order, of something Inquisition-ary. Kayle is that moving light on the battlefield. Now what can be more counter then that idea of giant areas of scorched, bad, dark land. Every light is more visible when more darkness surround it. And Putting Morgana's W on passive, so there can be **a lot** of areas makes her champion with a theme. That theme of darkness that consumes, that surrounds everyone and everything; now she becomes that darkness that is counter to everyone's (and Kayle's especially) inner light. Now she is not just evil witch she is embodiment of that idea. Today's Morgana really lack that kind of thing, and I hope I found the solution. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And with her W, I feel that you'll absolutely make something great, I believe in you :) Thank you, everyone for reading this! Sorry for my bad English. Yup, I know that's borderline Gameplay thread/post, but I was trying to explain this from art and even a bit of story perspective. Thank you!

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