This Solar/Lunar eclipse Leona is a gashgrab, a waste, and a slap in the faces of lore fans.

How much money did you make with Lancer blitz? Was it enough to make you risk repeating the experiment with Leona and potentially disappointing the community? Because i sure as hell feel disappointed right now. Instead of making a serious and honest VS event like everybody and their mother thought you would with Leo/Diana (which would also, in the long run, most likely give you more money than this piece of genius marketing stunt), you decided that putting effort into something takes too much time and try to sell one skin twice. Because it's faster money that way. Leo and Diana were in the lore-limbo since forever. We would kiss your toes for an exciting VS event combined with the extension of their lore. But now we wont get it in ages since Leona is getting a legendary skin, and VS events only come with selling these in mind. I'm disappointed as a consumer and sad as a fan. I expected you to do better.

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