Mordekaiser has the best lore and his rework should not change any of it, only enhance it.

What I mean isn't that he has the best story, or the best character, i mean out of any character in league the one most represented by their lore thematically is numero uno himself {{champion:82}} Now morde, ironically, might have the least representative kit in the entire game. and that is due to many reasons, his kit is old and clunky, his rework was half baked and didnt change anything really. But what is it that morde is? what makes him so awesome? Well in my opinion it is best represented by his lore. In Lore morde was a warlord, the most powerful warlord in all the lands, it took entires armies just to kill him and they only did it with heavy causality. I've told several people about morde lore and the first thing out of their mouth is almost always "holy shit, thats metal" and its in his last stand in life that morde best embodies everything his is. He was an unstoppable juggernaut, a man that destroyed all those that stood against him, he isn't unkillable, but its damn hard too and if you try expect a fight that will rock the ages. So why does morde's kit fail? well first let us take morde current powers in lore and break them down he is a physical powerhouse that stood as tall as sion and used a massive weapon that literally crushed his foes he was a necromancer, possibly the strongest necromancer in all of runeterra he for some reason is a mage with control over metal and here we run into a problelm, unlike ryze who has a gamut of random powers due his connection to the arcane arts from which you can pull anything, or annie who has one very specific power morde has three very specific powers that seemingly don't work together and from a gameplay perspective might contradict, mainly his powerful necromantic powers and his hulking physical power. The powerful necromancy and metal magic leans him towards a bursty caster that destroys his enemies, but his physical power means that he should be up close and personal with his enemies and be an unkillable monster. So with the morde rework, i fear that they may take away some of his awesome power, and note morde is defined by his awesome power, away in return for making it easier to create his kit. so please don't do that. While your here I might as well spit ball some ideas that i thought might work for morde Passive: Iron Man/creeping death: when morde first deals damage to an enemy he gains an aura of metal shrapnel around himself, while this shroud is up morde gains increased armor and magic resist. the shroud deal magic damage. The problem with the old iron man, atleast i think. and note this is from some one who at best can be described as having "some" game design experince. Is that it was made to encourage morde to keep fighting to keep his shield up. But this created a problem where either his shield was too good due to his high damage that it became nigh impenetrable, or it had to be kept to low to compensate so that it amounted to minor damage reduction that wasn't helpful expect for avoid things like minion agro. With this new passive morde is still encouraged to keep fighting to keep up his shroud but it doesn't outright cancel damage so it doesn't feel like you are fighting a one sided fight Q: mace of spades: literally the same, maybe give it an aoe like tia-mat or iceborn gaunlet effect, through all the attack or just the end. His q is fine, its a unique enough ability that feels pretty good to use. Give it a better visual representation though W: Angel of death: Passive: Mordekaiser converts a portion of his auto attack to deal magic damge, and he converts a portion of his ability power to AD. Active: mordekaiser marks an enemy champion dealing magic damage, the enemy takes increased magic damage from mordekaiser and is slowed. Now I know that morde has no CC, and that is a major part of his kit, but, its design that causes him to be so hard to balance, Morde's inability to control the enemy in any meaningful way means that he either has to rely to heavily on his team to get in range or rely on being so obscenely powerful that he does not need CC E: Siphon of Destruction: Mordekaiser begins charging a powerful necromantic spell and can reactivate siphon of destruction to unleash a wave of haunted metal that deal damage to anyone caught inside, marked champions also become rooted. This is mordekaiser's main poke and CC tool. This morde is designed for staying in combat for extended boughts to deal damage from his passive and auto attacks, but to get into auto range in the first place he has this ability to keep his enemies still while he wallops them to death R: Children of The Grave: Passive: when mordekaiser gets a takedown on an enemy champion he gains a soul stack Mordekaiser channels for a brief moment and then creates a massive ring around himself of all the souls he has enslaved. The circle follows mordekaiser around. If an enemy escapes from the circle they take massive magic damage and are slowe. While inside the circle Enemies are marked and take damage based on Mordekaiser's passive. The circles damage is determined by its level, ap scaling and the amount of soul stacks mordekaiser has. Morde's old ult, as cool as it is. is a buggy nightmare that barley works. its also another summon ult which at this point in time league has enough of honestly. This new ult still has the flavor of using the souls of those mordekaiser has claimed while not having to summon an ally bot to help morde. so yeah some ramblings some ideas, downvotes on the left.
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