the "maledom" champ

edit: more detail in posts below if you dont quite buy it \[T]/ ive seen alot of this floating around be it complaints about eve and making comparisons or an actually genuine desire for a male champion of similar taste. i remember watching a video not long ago about designs some rioters wish they could find a way to implement into the game, one of which was a scythe wielding champion, and we recently got kayn (whos honestly annoying as hell but a pretty interesting design to be fair). getting to the point, one of the things on that list was an inquisitor type champion. this could fit in very well if he was made some kind of demacian bishop who just happened to be a dirty underhanded P.O.S that enjoyed the process that went along with actual inquisitions (brutal f'ed up torture). since hes a d'bag alot of his lines could be really suggestive and even share a connection with eve herself in some way. say she tried her tricks on him for whatever reason (hired by some1 that knew he was dirty or just ran into him somehow) but it didnt actually work because of the strong anti-magic demacia is known for, or simply caught him in the act and liked what she saw. i could go on about this for days but i thought id just share a bit of it here since its on the current topic and ive had tons of story/character ideas since i saw that video about what the designers need an excuse to create ;p.

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