If <Champion> was released today...

Usually this type of thread is for some big meme about dashes and stuns and damage and blah blah blah. But if you look at the board we&#039;re in right now, you&#039;d notice it&#039;s all about lore...So let&#039;s flip the script a bit. How would your champion look _visually_ and what dialogue/gimmicks would they have if they were out today? For an example: {{champion:112}} * Ctrl + 5 flips through the various hexcore colors he&#039;s unlocked. * Specific voice lines for each hexcore upgrade as well as the final one. * The usual cavalcade of specific taunts with Zaun and Piltover champs. * Exclusive lines for stopping dashes with the improved W. * Secret lines hinting at new robots/champions. * Character comparisons to champions who have lasers like Vel&#039;koz or Xerath * Special interaction with Prototype viktor about how bad he used to look before evolving.
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