I think the new Kat and Zed skins look worse than sewn chaos blitz & amumu

and these guys got canceled for not meeting quality criteria https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-bnW1QuH7ObU/WHWCgVnAarI/AAAAAAAAbvQ/uPLTgbm9DnMAtG0m8K-hy_0MpYJb4hxMwCLcB/s640/sewncut.jpg Honestly, can you switch them? can you bring back sewn chaos and polish them instead of the katerina and zed skins? They were really nice models Imo. Can even have cool recalls and deaths. Would even feel more fitting with the Halloween theme, they might not have animations to be 1350 skins but damn, the models sure look better than some recent 1350 skins anyways, why throw them away?
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