Some Major Feedback on Kayle and Morg's Skins (with Suggested Changes)

There's been a lot of buzz going around about the Kayle and Morgana reworks. Most of the feedback I've seen has been centered on their visuals, specifically their skins. I'm going to attempt to calmly explain the issues of each skin and try to suggest feasible changes. The goal is to combine everyone's general feedback, but this is naturally going to be flavored by my own opinion. Before I begin, I want to state that I understand both Kayle and Morgana were quite the undertaking when it comes to visuals. They both had quite a few skins, some of them of fairly high quality and/or price. This was not an easy undertaking. That said, I do want to see Riot get it right, or at least improve what we have. I'll start with Kayle: **Base Kayle** As far as Kayle is concerned, it seems base Kayle has the biggest issue: her armor isn't convincing as plate armor, or even armor at all. The outfit reads too much like a bodysuit. Now, they've already addressed these concerns and done a texture change--which IS an improvement--but I think the main problem is the maroon part of the texture just doesn't read like armor, it reads like cloth. I've seen several fan edits, and most of them do the same thing: lower the breastplate to encompass more of her belly. Here's an [edit done by 333lom]( [This one is done by KestralGirl](, who had the goal of making changes as feasible as possible: Both had similar ideas in lowering her breastplate and I think this makes it look much more like armor. They also both add tabards (I think that's what its called), but I don't think that is strictly necessary. The tabards look great, but I think the breastplate change being a pure texture change would make it much more doable. **Viridian, Battleborn, Judgement, Silver Kayle** I grouped these because I think they have similar issues. Too many of Kayles skins don't have particle changes. Obviously, this is because most of them were pretty cheap. But even previous VGUs like Enchanted Galio and Shadow Evelynn got some small-scale VFX changes, and I think these Kayle skins could benefit from them too. Silver Kayle in particular was only available in the early days of League for BUYING IT. This skin is in the hands of some of League's earliest supporters, so I think it would be a nice gesture to spruce it up a little. Simple color changes to her particles would do wonders. Viridian could be more green, Battleborn could be blue and Silver could be blue, white, or silver. Judgement I want to say make it black, but that might be a little harder to read without more VFX work, so maybe white might work better/be more possible in the short term. **Aetherwing Kayle** Many fans think the 3rd and 4th forms of Aetherwing just don't look good and are too busy, but I think the main issue is that the model strays too far form the initial model. Obviously Riot is going to want Aetherwing's later forms to feel next level, something only a legendary skin can offer, and I think what they came up with was fine. But certain design elements like the constantly adjusting parts of the wings or the glowy blue bits are completely missing in later forms (I saw a decent edit conveying this idea, but couldn't find it again. If you know the edit, comment with a link and I'll add it for visualization's sake). Some dislike the black coloration of the final form as well. I personally am pretty neutral towards it. Add some of the blue glowy bits of the first form back into later forms. Maybe reattach the lower wings or make it closer to the body to feel less busy. And I wouldn't eliminate the black of the final design entirely, but consider adding more bronze back in as accents. **Riot Kayle** This one is hit or miss for some people. I personally like the look of the wings even with four wings, reminds me of the Vulture's look in Spiderman Homecoming. The hair is a little too bright for most people, and its disappointing that the sirens of the original are barely in the skin now; this definitely was the most iconic part of the old skin. Lighten up the hair a little, making it more platinum blonde like the splash art. Add the wee woo wee woo sound effects when her passive is active. **Iron Enquisitor and Pentakill** I don't have much to say about these skins other than that they look pretty good. Most people seem to really love these skins post-update, and I agree. I just wanted to include them for completion's sake. On to Morgana: **Base Morgana** Morgana actually looks pretty good. I know a lot of people aren't fond of the bound wings that form a bit of a "dress train", but I actually really dig that (its in her skins where it starts to become a problem, but we'll get to that). I like the allusion to her story it holds and I think it suits her new design. The low placement of her main wings are also bothering a lot of people, but again, I really like it and I think its just a design choice and nothing more. Besides, these elements are core to her model and unlikely to change. Other than that, her animations are pretty sleek and her new VO is great. Overall, I think its a vast improvement. Before I move on to her skins, I'm just going to make a blanket statement here and say that the flower she uses for her joke and recall are THE SAME IN EVERY SKIN and they shouldn't be. This is an easy spot to differentiate her skins a little. Add a mum to Blackthorn. A dried up dead flower to Ghost Bride. Etc. Most of Morgana's skins suffer from being a little too same-y, and this feels like a small but easy way to mix it up, even if only a little. **Blackthorn Morgana** Here's where things get tricky, because I think I have the minority opinion on this skin: I think it overall looks good. She just overall looks a lot less messy and a lot cooler. Most people who loved this skin before seem to dislike it now, and I can see why. While it definitely looks a lot better, there's just something missing that was present in the old skin. I think the "leaf wings" look great and her particles are good (especially her ult), but I will try to suggest a few easy improvements. When she dies, make her turn black and crumble like a dead plant or something. A lot of folks liked her unique death animation and now she just falls over dead like every other chump. This version wouldn't be AS good, but it would be easier to implement and better than nothing. Also add more ambient leaf particles, like she's constantly losing leaves. Optionally, touch up her textures to look a little more like branches and many leaves; I think people don't like that they look like giant leaves rather than many leaves. **Exiled Morgana** My number one complaint about Exiled has always been that its particles don't match at all, and Riot is already addressing this, which is good! I'm not sure how I feel with the direction they took with Exiled; I was hoping for a more lore-related skin of what she looked like just before "her fall". But for what it is, its cool-looking. Change the particle colors to red or yellow (which is apparently already being worked on). **Bewitching Morgana** This is another one, like Blackthorn, that I generally like. The old one was great in that it made Morgana's tent look a lot more like an actual dress. Now, people who were fond of the poofy dress are disappointed. I don't think its plausible to ask for the poofy dress back, however, as its a model/animation issue and is more complicated to change than a more simple texture change. If its ever coming back, its not soon. However, I saw a decent edit that attempted to give her back the poofy dress but what I really like was that it changed her "train wings" to be textured more like her main wings ([by Pyrop]( A texture change to make all her wings match would be plenty for this skin, as I think otherwise it was updated pretty well. Maybe add some ambient bat particles too. **Ghost Bride** This one in general looks pretty good too. Its biggest problem is, once again, the lower wings. They are these ugly black things interrupting the bluish-white flow of her wedding dress. Its a shame, because I think this is easily fixable: just change the lower wings to a similar bluish-white and it reads like a bridal train. It would enhance the bridal theme of the skin and ease the pain of those who miss her wedding veil, which is mysteriously missing. Here's an edit showing this concept ([by Evening Dove]( **Blade Mistress Morgana** This skin went from easily Morgana's worst skin to a really nice one. Nobody has really talked about it, but I'm getting some nice Starcraft vibes from it (which I think it was originally supposed to be a reference to) and its just really cool. I mainly mention it because HALLELUJAH they changed the texture of the lower "bound wings" and it looks waaaay better for it. This skin is living proof that changing the texture of those lower wings can be the right call. Also put **Lunar Wraith** in this category along with having some nice-looking jade VFX and really cool wings during ult. **Sinful Succulence Morgana** I couldn't believe my eyes when someone mentioned this skin was a 975 skin. But I looked it up, and yep, it was 975 when it was available. This skin is really cute and funny post update, but for heaven's sake, it needs SOMETHING extra. Just a little bit of work would really elevate this skin to be Morgana's adorable and fun skin. For this one, I'm tagging in the sound department. Add some baking sound effects; make Morgana's ult ding like "the cookies are done!" when it stuns someone. Add some sizzle to her W. And change that ding dang flower. Make it a baked good or something. I really want this skin to be good and I think it would be easy to do so. **Victorious Morgana** I don't even know what happened here. The particle effects were already pretty solid, but I think they've actually improved on them. The ult looks really cool too. There's just something about her folded wings that look awkward. Her wings used be banner-like in this skin, and now they look sort of small and clunky. I think it might be the silver chunk on top that's making them seem small. I've been trying to avoid model edits for these suggestions, as I think they are less plausible for Riot to enact, but I really think those silver things on top of her wings are what is holding this skin back from being really good. Just slim it down or take it off entirely, and I think this skin is one of Morg's best ones. As is, it just looks too clunky and is covering up her purple wings too much. **Thanks for reading** If you made it this far, thank you. I tried to interpret as much feedback from players as possible and offer feasible solutions that will improve upon Kayle and Morgana's visuals. I think Riot's visual/audio department has been doing a great job with the VGUs and it would be a shame if Kayle and Morgana turned out disappointing. I know they are capable of better things, so I hope to see these skins improved. If you have any differing opinions or suggestions, feel free to comment and discuss. I tried to include general community opinion as well as my own, but there may have been things I missed. I may even edit my original post with good ideas from the comments or ESPECIALLY good fan edits that show off a good suggested change. Thanks again for reading.
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