"You're everything wrong with Zaun." - Ekko

In the Wiki (that may be wrong) it says that this quote is directed towards {{champion:112}} ... However i think that the quote would be better towards {{champion:36}} or {{champion:27}} (Or even {{champion:19}}) Because THEY are the main problem of Zaun ... they attack/kidnap/kill citizens of the city in order to make "tests", they pollute the city without caring about anything or anyone, they are sellouts of Noxus. {{champion:112}} in other hand wants progress for his city and Valoran, he has never forced someone to be part of the Glorious Evolution... Sure, he has done some bad things in order to reach his goal and the rest of the quotes towards him are... okay... but "You're **everything** wrong with Zaun." is too much. Edit: Thanks for the replies... A lot of you have said many things that i agree... so, Im happy with the answers.
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