Dark Cosmic Jhin's Theme and the State of Login Screens

All login screens: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxRhMr1yeyLiHppaY-H18zjmfH47cUU6b
Dark Cosmic Jhin's login screen is finally revealed, and, as I expected when Mordekaiser's theme was uploaded, it seems like this is the only login screen we'll be getting for next patch. Our Iron Revenant murder emperor seems to be getting none of it. The thing is, I had really hoped that they'd be cutting out Mordekaiser's login so that they could put in all their effort to make an incredible, mind-blowing login screen for Jhin's much-awaited legendary skin. I mean, Mordekaiser is Mordekaiser, the metal lord, but Jhin is also *Jhin*, the champion whose music and thematic is one of, if not **the**, most praised in all of League of Legends. So I had high hopes, but what we got... This login screen just feels so *dead*. In the animation department, it seems like it has little more to it than the minimal animation on the much-criticized Yuumi theme (to clarify, not her theme itself, but the animation on her splash art), which didn't even make it to the client. Even the music, the incredible Jhin theme, it's astounding violins, feels watered down here. The instruments, the more generic use of dissonance, it just doesn't hit the mark that one would expect a Dark Star-corrupted Cosmic entity version of Jhin to sound like. Even the Project Hunters theme, which only used Jhin's theme sparsely as a shout-out, seemed like a much more faithful and passionate remix than this. Plus that login screen also had amazing animation. But this...I can't believe I'm saying this, but Jhin's login screen here is very underwhelming. What's happening with your login screen department, Riot? First Yuumi and the Battle Academia logins get shafted during MSI, but with that, there's at least the excuse that it's during MSI. But then Mordekaiser's login is seemingly getting the complete shaft, and the login screen for Dark Cosmic Jhin, **Jhin**, mind you, feels underwhelming, especially in the animation department. And seemingly, the new champion Qiyana isn't getting a login screen either. Are login screens being completely cut? And if so, why? If they are getting cut, that would be extremely sad, since Riot's music and animation department for login screens have been perhaps the most consistently-praised aspect of League in recent times. Although it's something small, the fact that it's been so consistent for so long, up until recently, really makes it feel like we're losing something special, a treasured part of League of Legends. EDIT: Looks like it's officially confirmed. No login screen for Qiyana. https://youtu.be/2CpCMaU-rpM
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