I bought the Prestige Aatrox skin. Here's some thoughts:

Pros: Really good looking, especially on Aatrox who naturally walks very proudly The spell effects are all really well done The feather wings are a nice touch and super unique among Aatrox's skin offerings The "Goblin Slayer" like red eyes with trailing particles work really well with his Q movements and feel super dynamic Possesses one of the best splash arts in the game imo Cons: I had some excess RP laying around, but it still stung to "pay" so much for a skin that's ultimately below legendary tier There's no border for this Prestige skin, unlike the previous two There's no fully unique splash for this Prestige skin, unlike the previous two Overall: It's a really good skin and I'm happy I had the extra RP to enjoy it. That said, it's too expensive. I don't mind spending RP, but I'd like to see the skins appropriately matched to their price tag. I feel a skin of this quality, pricing and "prestige" qualifies for unique voice work. The fact that this skin sets the precedent for prestige skins lacking a unique splash art/ border contributes to the feeling that Riot could have done more here. The fundamentals are solid and the skin is great, but going forwards I'm going to wait and see how Riot distributes those prestige points throughout the year. I don't plan on buying another prestige outright unless it's {{champion:21}} :-P *** On another note, what's up with gemstones? I've been gathering them for two years, and now that I've reached a solid 20, they aren't being useful in providing access to prestige skins. Why add an unnecessary currency in prestige points when gemstones are already essentially doing the same thing?
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