K/DA - POP/STARS Easter Egg Hunting

Here are all of the easter eggs I found out on the K/DA - POP/STARS music video animation!~ 1. Sona's Advertising on the train; 2. Evelyn's car has Riot's logo on it and the seats are actually designed similarly to the K/DA ward; 3. There is a Clothe Washing product with Pool Party Lulu on it! ; 4. Ahri is on a ''Wash and Dry'' station probably meaning how she remade and washed her image from the previews Pop Star skin in to the new fleshed out one 5 years later! You can see her Popstar clothes, hat and the Star crest from Star Guardian 5. Pentakill Poster, World's Poster, and Rise one too! 6. An actual Publicity advertising Pizza Delivering service by Pizza Delivery Sivir! 7. Lastly a weird poster with something I can't recognize, maybe you can help me?! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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