Varus as a Darkin

Look, This isn't exactly a hate thread or a support thread of the new Varus lore, but rather, at how some parts of the community, and riot themselves, saw how the Darkin were initially received, and how much the community wanted MORE Darkin. A long time ago, there were a lot of "Theories" about how Aatrox's Sword was actually the Darkin. Most people saw it as just a fun thought, a passing glance. But then came Rhaast and Kayne. the Scythe was the Darkin, and suddenly, that old Aatrox was the blade theory became FAR more relevant. Suddenly, all this new info about other Darkin came careening into focus, the fact that there were 7 Darkin remaining (this was revealed when Aatrox first was released in Aatrox's AMA iirc). People immediately began to think about who else could be Darkin. Varus and Jax were the immediate 2 contenders. With Jax's short story that was released a while back, Jax being a Darkin was pretty much impossible. But Varus? Everyone loved the thought of Varus's bow being a Darkin, especially with how Varus was named, the Arrow of Retribution. This fit quite nicely with how the other Darkin focused on an aspect of "War" or "Anger". While the massive overhaul to Varus's story was polarizing, and quite possibly poorly done, that doesn't change the fact that the community WANTED Varus to be Darkin, (at least a very vocal majority), and Riot felt that changing Varus to be a Darkin also fit with the large world arcing Narrative they were working on. so yeah, just understand that this was NOT an invisible or abrupt change. This was months, possibly even a year or more thought out in advance. This took a LOT of discussion and thought about what was really relevant about Varus as a character. Riot quite possibly have missed the mark with how to re-write varus, BUT, the insights into Ionian Culture, the very real feelings of loss, despair, hope, and anger, especially a desire to defend that which was considered Sacred, was in my eyes a great addition to the world of Runeterra.

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