Reasons why I Feel that Fiddlesticks is in the most dire need to be voted in the Rework Poll So with the recent release of the "[Choose a Champion Update](" post from Riot, there has been lots of talk on who to vote for. Now personally, I voted for Fiddlesticks for various reasons that I believe should be brought to many peoples' attention. Now to start off, I'm not trying to advocate an anti-rework attitude for the remaining four champions. I am in full agreement that Mundo and Nocturne are in just as dire of reworks, but Fiddlesticks is in most need for attention. 1. **The Thematic** - Now Fiddlestick's theme is actually pretty unique in the Champion roster. In short, Fiddlesticks is a sentient scarecrow who's focused around inducing tremendous amounts of fear and surrounding himself with a constant swarm of murderous crows. However, Fiddlesticks simply doesn't express this thematic as well anymore due to recent Champion releases. Want someone really scary? Pyke is our most recent 'horror' Champion and even then, Nocturne seems more resonate with a focus around fear and nightmares despite being in need of a rework as well. Worst of all, Swain's rework has recently ripped Fiddlesticks off of the throne of 'bird swarm Champion,' as Swain's thematic around demonic ravens and having a swarm of them creepily spy on your enemies on the rift is much more thematically cohesive than Fiddlestick's E and R alone. All that I'm saying is, Fiddlesticks has a really unique thematic to his character, something that I hope Riot can finally bring to true glory once they rework him. If they're keeping his R the same, maybe make the crows blind Champions in his ultimate? Maybe have a small group of crows constantly plucking at the corpses of Champions that Fiddle kills. And most of all, make Fiddlesticks SCARY, and not a goofy shambling stick figure. 2. **The Jumpscares** - In the Choose a Champion Update post, Riot briefly mentions their goals for each Champion if they were to be voted the winner of the poll. In Fiddlesticks's desciption, they mention that they want to push the idea of a "terrifying scarecrow that comes out of nowhere," something that can make Fiddlesticks really stand out in comparison to all the other 'fear' Champions. Nocturne induces fear in-game through paranoia, blinding the enemy as they scramble about while Nocturne flies across the map to his prey. Shaco induces fear with the placement of his boxes, making his enemies dread walking near him in fear of his hair-pulling boxes. Fiddlesticks should induce fear through jumpscares, playing a psychological game of cat and mouse with whatever unfortunate enemy wanders into his jungle. 3. **The Mage Jungler** - AP Junglers are a really small minority in League's roster of characters. Along with that, mage junglers are basically non-existent unless you're into experimenting with Taliyah or Neeko in the jungle. Now, Riot's new policy with new champions has been to introduce a completely new feature into the game, whether that be a completely batshit insane new mechanic or some new role that no other Champion seems to fill. In the Choose a Champion Update post, Riot mentions that they want to maintain Fiddlestick's identity as a mage jungler, something completely unique to the roster of junglers in League. Of course, Fiddlesticks has always been a jungle in a sense, but due to his aging gameplay and visuals he always fits awkwardly in the strangest of roles, whether that be jungle, mid or even support. Emphasizing Fiddlesticks as a mage jungler not only brings a new playstyle for junglers to use, but it also fits Riot's policy on introducing new roles and mechanics with each of their releases. 4. **The Lore** - This is the Story Art & Sound board after all, you wouldn't think I'd leave this out would you? Now compared to the other four candidates to be voted on getting a rework in 2020, Fiddlesticks is the absolute most desperate in needing any mention whatsoever in lore. As of right now, we only have a small blurb in the Universe website, an outdated bio and a color story that may or may not be canon depending on what happens during his rework. Surprising, isn't it? Well, Volibear has had some very explicit time in the spotlight through the new fantasy by the Ursine being Freljord's wendigo cannibal demons, while Shyvana, Nocturne and even Dr. Mundo have gotten new updated biographies in past lore updates, giving them their own places in Runeterra. Fiddlesticks however is still stuck in a strange limbo of lore, with having no mention or even role to play in Runeterra whatsoever as far as the canon is concerned. With that, a rework could not only give Fiddle a proper theme to fit in the roster, but also finally give him a place within Runeterra's universe as the legendary scarecrow demon that he is. 5. **A Gun** - [Give Fiddlesticks a Gun.](
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