Thoughts of Skins: Yasuo

......I don't like this anymore than the next guy, so this is probably going to be a quick one. Yasuo is just a....dirty topic for me to discuss personally. He's one of my most hated champs in game terms but he's also been rising in terms of how often he's been getting skins. He's recently been getting into more series either new (Odyssey) or older (Arcade), and while I don't doubt that he _could_ really work in these series if done correctly, his last skin just left a very, VERY sour taste. I'm starting to worry that Riot is going to start putting him up there with Lux/Ez/Kai'Sa in terms of how often this small group gets skins seemingly every year. Yes they're popular champions and so they'll make some form of money, but it start to get tiring seeing the exact same group of champs go year after year getting new skins while so many others get left in the dust for longer periods of time (see my post on Kalista a while back). Current skin list: * High noon - Cowboy * PROJECT - Cyborg/robot * Blood Moon - Cultist/demon thing * Nightbringer - Embodiment of Chaos and arguably his best skin * Odyssey - Space samurai * Arcade - weird choice for a villain and arguably his worst skin is a SMALL list of ideas that could be implemented (not going over too much detail because reasons) * Bilgewater/pirate - sword is cutlass, wind now water/waves * Sandstorm - just as it sounds * Pool Party - Give him a noodle sword like Fiora I guess And that's all I got. I really wasn't that inspired this time because this champ does not inspire me. He just one of many reminders as to why I hate this game and why I should probably quit finally. Anyways, what are your thoughts? Discuss them down below and next week we'll take a look at...I don't know, someone who doesn't make me rage/tilt when I see them. {{champion:86}} I guess. We'll do Garen.
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