Let's Discuss Travel in League's Universe

I've recently been writing some stuff based on League (when am I not ugh) and I came to a point where I had to have some characters travel a long distance. But oh no! League doesn't have a good measure of distance! Well, that's what I -did- say until I did some digging. Bear in mind, the upcoming post is gonna have some ugly, shoddy math so try not to get too mad at me. #The Key: The Medarda Heirloom and length-by-map. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/piltover/medarda-heirloom This is what started it off. But it's not the easiest to determine. So first, we need to determine distances and "length" of the area. Piltover was the easiest section for me because it has a real life comparison: The Panama City/Panama Canal. Both are port cities that bridge together two small continents and serve as an important hub. The two also look similar, albeit Panama is horizontal while Piltover is vertical. See here: https://puu.sh/zbGhX/dc716b5369.jpg https://puu.sh/zbGii/c619a39215.jpg This is where we get into rough estimates. Using google maps, I measured that the edge of this section of land from one end to the other (With panama in the middle) is roughly 190 miles or roughly 306 kilometers. https://puu.sh/zbGom/d8162e6c54.jpg We'll use this as a measure. We'll call it one "CM" because ~~I'm arrogant~~ ~~I'm egotistical~~ ~~I need validation~~ so we have a rough key of distances. https://i.imgur.com/ednYA8r.png #The Second Step: The Big Map For this part, we lack an official league map. Luckily, an incredibly talented player named Killaburn made [his own examples of what the map is](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/cfOmlZyt-my-vision-of-the-runaterra-map-some-concepts) and what it'd look like. I think this is a great example so we're going to be using it. https://i.imgur.com/EAkP2la.png That said, his map is so big that one CM wouldn't show up on it. So we're going to multiply it by 3. 3 CMs or, as well call it, One KB. https://i.imgur.com/iS42LyD.png Add a grid to with a key. https://imgur.com/hpEdq8C And add rough dots based on capitals Killaburn suggested! https://i.imgur.com/VMueWVf.png #Part 3: Distances and Travel But we're not done yet! According to the Medarda Heirloom, it takes one day (Roughly 24 hours) to travel from Piltover to Kumangra by boat. This is _roughly_ the length of one CM. A [Spanish Galleon](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neptune_(galleon)) has a speed of roughly 5 knots, or roughly 6 mph or 9 km/h. Considering that's 216 km or 144 miles, it can be inferred that Piltover uses ships that are either steam powered or are faster than old, standard ships. We'll assume a ship goes about 8 mph/12.75 km/h. To make some rough estimates: * From Piltover to Demacia is roughly 26 days or so. * Piltover to the Freljord would be around 38 days. (Over a month!) * Noxus invading Ionia had a travel time of roughly 9 days. The other thing to remember is that these are on a boat. If Runeterra was completely flat and you walked at a standard human walking rate (3 mph or about 5 km/h) which means you'd cover 72 miles/120 km in a day, it would... * take you 2 and 2/3rds of a day to walk one CM without stopping/resting/eating. * take you roughly 8 days to walk one KB * take you roughly 32 days of walking to go from Piltover to Noxus. * take you 136 days of walking to go from Targon to the shores of Ionia. Again, these are all rough measurements using a fan map and some speculation. That said, I hope this helps if you ever plan on writing a world-spanning adventure from one nation to another! -Cap
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