Victorious Aatrox, what's there that hasn't been said?

First of all, I acknowledge that some time and effort was spent into this skin and I can appreciate that. Saying that however, I think the design behind the skin just contrasts way too much with the character of Aatrox and as a result, does not look fitting or good. I can understand exploring themes with Aatrox but I think you guys just strayed way too far from the original concept of Aatrox. The 'fairy' like look and the bodysuit just doesn't really fit with a demonic being that's seemingly rage incarnate. Justicar works because it pays respect to the old lore and represents the 'idealistic' god figure that was once Aatrox (which can be interpreted as old Aatrox or even the new Aatrox in his Ascenion/Non corrupted form). Look I get it's a free skin and people shouldn't be expecting legendary tier value but I think as it stands, it's a very unlikable skin and doesn't really encourage people to play the game well for end of season rewards. I'd honestly prefer if they just scrap it and give a good victorious skin to someone else. Otherwise, maybe(?) look into making a simple yet elegant skin for Aatrox that fits a Greatsword-wielding god-warrior. Like a few people have suggested, think more along the lines of armor/platemail because that can be elegant and edgy at the same time. As for colour scheme, I like the white/silver used on the Victorious Skin, maybe explore with that a bit more? Regardless, free skin, can't complain too much I guess. Probably not going to ever use it though.
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