So I remembered Zed's comics...

And the likelihood that he's hunting Jhin in them. Then I remembered the chances of us getting a face reveal for Jhin are higher than I thought they were because I was honestly only thinking about his skin. There are no words to describe the level of terror and anxiety I'm going to feel until those comics come out, and the amount of disappointment I'm going to feel if we learn anything about Jhin's true identity, especially if we see his face. I do trust Riot to a certain extent, since they haven't fucked over his character yet in any skins or anything, but IDK about Marvel. I just... Ugh. The suspense, the fear... Everything's killing me, really. Worse yet, the Rioters working on the comics can neither confirm nor deny anything, since saying something like "don't worry" would imply that he's not getting a face reveal, while something like "well..." would imply that he is. But, I just know that there's a small chance that at least one Rioter will come in here and be like {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} just to torment me. Just please Riot, I'm begging you. The mystery is one of the best parts of Jhin. I'd hate to see everything about him revealed, because then he just wouldn't feel the same. Playing him knowing his true face or a lot about his past would just... Ruin it, really. Though, then again, he's not my character. I have no real say or control in what you and Marvel decide to do with him if the comic truly is about Zed hunting him. At the end of the day, its your choice. I just hope you make the right one for the sake of all the people who adore our beloved mysterious, masked maniac.
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