Gnar- How Does He Fit Into the Current Yordle Lore? Currently, yordles, somehow, are said to embody the ideas and personalities with a region. They are said to be magical beings that morph and are born into their form based on the society (or perhaps lack of) around themselves. So, how does Gnar fit into this? Well, we know that Gnar was born within the Ancient Freljord long ago. So, what if Gnar existed during the time of Avarosa and the Watchers? Gnar's family were attacked by the Watchers, seemingly, based on the teaser story leading up to his release. Avarosa and the Iceborn were used by the Watchers in order to conquer the ancient world, so this makes sense. So, what if Gnar and his family embody the barbaric and angry nature of ancient barbarians? His incredibly bulky Mega Form allows him, as a yordle, to become as strong and barbaric as the creatures and humans within the barbarian tribes. I think this makes sense, but am not sure exactly. I could be missing something here.

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