Thoughts of Skins: Katarina

So quick side note before we start: I _may_ have to move this to C&C to avoid getting these posts taken down because I'm in the wrong board technically. Funny enough how other posts I've made were perfectly fine though and not taken down yet. As well, I'm hesitant of this since C&C just doesn't seem to have the same audience as it did in the past. It's not quite dead, but there's barely any activity of discussion/comments from what I see. At least here I can get some form of discussion and comments going. I also view C&C as more "here's something I made/something someone made and I'm sharing it, enjoy" as self-presentation of artwork, rework concepts and maybe some in depth skin concepts, whereas I'm trying to go for "here's a brief discussion on a champ, here are some themes that they are in terms of art/design" and discuss about it and the various art themes skins have, with very small details on how it would be. I don't know, it's something I probably have to think about sooner or later but until I'm forced to start posting there I might as well keep going here. Anyways, Katarina: The ever famous scarred, red head, knife-wielding assassin of League. Both described as beautiful and deadly, she is no doubt in many's top 5 or at least top 10 of League's most beautiful women. She's also one of the oldest champs in the game and has racked up quite an amount of skins over the years, currently sitting at 11. Let's go over them: * Mercenary - recolor of base * High command - slightly different than base, more higher ranked in a sense * Sandstorm - desert theme * Warring Kingdoms - Chinese theme * PROJECT - cyborg * Battle Academy - anime * Red Card - soccer or football to the rest of the world * Bilgewater - pirates * Kitty Cat - slutty Halloween costume/R34 material * Slay Belle - Christmas * Death Sworn - more serious Halloween/spirits Clearly seen she has a large list and that begs the question: what themes does she have left? Well, to keep it brief and because I don't actually spend a full week thinking of this stuff and like the rest of my procrastination do it last minute, here's just some quick ones. * Blood moon - One of the many themes of this is assassins so I don't see why not. * Riftquest - Some form of masked assassin could be a simple one. Could also be the idea if Mercenary ever gets redesigned * Star Guardian - Could work, maybe as more of a fallen guardian of sorts. Idk. * Marauder - I just like the skinline and feel it fits with her. And that's actually all I could think up. Anyways do you agree with some of these, have some ideas of your own? Discuss them down below, as I ponder whether or not now I actually need to move this or whatever. Anyways, while I await/deal with that, we'll take a look at...Shen. Let's talk Shen next time.
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