Some theme are missing in lol

today we have {{champion:37}} (music), {{champion:39}} /{{champion:497}} (dancing) and {{champion:202}}(theater) But we still need a painting and writing based champion i mean maybe {{champion:350}} {{champion:13}} count as writing and {{champion:79}} is technically a culinary expert also {{champion:516}} is also sometimes a sculptor but that is not all he does. do you guys plan on adding more art focused champion ? Also we have Lust {{champion:28}} , anger {{champion:23}} , {{champion:41}}/{{champion:4}} greed, {{champion:136}} pride, {{champion:223}} glutony, problems is only 2 of these are demons (eve and tahm) and we still need Sloth and Envy maybe ahve a demon for each of these would be cool.
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