I might be the only one, but does PulseFire Exzreal underwhelm anyone else?

I bought the PFE skin day one and steadily saw every other Ultimate skin blow it out of the water over the years, so I was really hoping to see some really cool stuff happen to PFE. But I mean, speaking bluntly, it still looks like an Ultimate skin that's lower quality than the Pulsefire Caitlyn skin of the same line. Obviously, I don't know if the skin has a new gimmick (like DJ Sona's music) or has absolutely awesome spell effects (unlikely since that creates a lot of visual clutter), but at the moment with the teaser we got... I honestly think I prefer the original version, which is kinda sad. Nothing about the new PFE is really standing out as impressive or eye-grabbing to me. Again, I might be alone, but it just doesn't *look* like an Ultimate-tier skin to me. It doesn't have any real "oomph". It's just "Cyber Ezreal". Maybe I'm alone, maybe not, but I was really hoping for more, I dunno, liveliness and cool factor. He comments that his suit is at 100% in the teaser, and frankly that looks like stage 2 to me, not stage 3 or 4. Sure there's only so much you can tack onto a model, but the coloring and silhouette and shape language of the character really do not do it for me (and truthfully really don't feel like it's the same character from what we've seen so far), and I'm a real big fan of Ezreal. I was begging Rito to do what they apparently did to W like *yeaaaaars* ago back after S2 when they dumped on him cuz of Worlds (I can probably even find the actual post I made about it back then). I own almost all the guy's skins. I think I've played him with most item builds possible at some point or another (meta, offmeta, and whatever in-between there is). I don't wanna say I'm the most hardcore superfan ever or something, but I think I qualify as being passionate enough about the character to be like "hey guys I don't really think this is quite up to snuff with some of your other skins and you're missing an opportunity to make it so". He has one of the few Ultimate skins in the game, and it was the *first* one to ever hit the game. I really feel like if he's getting a visual update that *really* out to justify some serious thought on how to make the skin the best it can be. P.S. BTW if you guys try to get rid of AP Ezreal so "The AI with Trinity Force and a taped-down Q button" can become the sole build, I'm going to face-desk at Riot's decision making so hard that the concussive force disrupts tectonic plates enough to send earthquakes across the goddamn planet. Don't do that shit. That's stupid and you know it. Don't do it. Please and thank you.
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