Why We Love Lore

Okay, before anything, the lore stories are so epic and incredible, so thanks Riot lmao kek <3 **Lore gives players better connection to the game ** Knowing lore genuinely does make you feel more intertwined with the game itself. Seeing something on the map, or on a character and thinking, "Hey! I know what that is, or where that's from!" That's just so cool! It fills you with excitement and just furthers your will to play the game. **Without lore game visuals wouldn't have:** _Purpose_ - (Well, besides being attractive to new players) There would be no reason to put hours and hours into just simply thinking about the design (colors, shapes, styles) of even the League of Legends map like the Riot team does. There would be no meaning behind the uniqueness of each of the champion designs or even item names and visuals. The lore behind all of these things gives them purpose, and a reason to be the way they are. According to design and lore. _Feeling_ - Lets take Zed for example, my favorite champion. Without lore, he really wouldn't be that cool. There wouldn't be shadows involved or secret techniques or any reason for him to have the color scheme he has. He's just an ordinary dude running around in armor that can teleport, kind of? _WITH_ the lore, he is the Master of Shadows, teacher of the forbidden technique! Using mysterious shadow powers to use darkness as a doorway to get from place to place. He's fueled by pride and rage to overcome his past group's conformity! This what is what inspired me to play Zed in the first place! The epicness of how his story made me feel. I connected with the champion simply through reading the background. And I'm still obsessed with it to this day. **Hope You Enjoyed** If you agree with what I said or have anything to add, comment, lets hear it!
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