What on earth is Demacia and Noxus' stance on yordles?

So far this is what I've gathered from the lore: **** ##Demacia Most people in Demacia either don't know yordles exist or have never met one that wasn't using the glamour. Poppy roams Demacia to find the hero, but she's always under the guise of the glamour to take the appearance of a human so she can avoid unnecessary attention. If Demacia suddenly became aware of yordles, they'd probably be suspicious at best and fearful at worst due to their views on magic and the yordles being a magical race. Another reason why Poppy goes in disguise, because modern Demacia would be way less tolerant of her kind than it was in the past. Demacia and yordles are pretty simple, it would seem. Although I'd like to know more on Poppy's views on current Demacia. Is she wary of mageseekers since she is magical by nature or is she uncaring about the situation? It's nice to see that you haven't forgotten Kennen but the other yordles still exist. **** ##Noxus This one is way more complicated and I ~~kind of~~ absolutely hate how little is explained. Noxus, like Demacia, doesn't seem aware of the yordles' existence. In Tristana and Lulu's story, the Whispering Doodad, none of the Noxians, including Draven, appear to know what the yordles are. Their tolerance for yordles if they did know about them would probably be better since they have nothing against magic and are way more inclusive than Demacia. As for yordles who live in Noxus we know of two: Karl, the arena bookie who appears in Legends of Runeterra And Kled. **What. The. Heck. Guys.** So, with Karl's interactions with other cards in Legends of Runeterra, he seems to be using the glamour. As I said, Draven doesn't know what yordles are and he doesn't seem to show any confusion when talking with Karl (although he is very confused when he encounters Teemo which is probably just Teemo not using the glamour). And yet when Karl encounters the Arena Battlecaster, the caster sees him as a yordle as if he suddenly _didn't_ have the glamour. Honestly, both yordles and their glamour are left unexplained and they really shouldn't be but my guess is that the glamour is either a natural yordle disguise or a powder that doesn't work in very action-packed scenarios (Ziggs loses his glamour in the comic when he's shaken by Jinx or the police station blows up) With Kled it gets so much worse. Like I said, Noxus doesn't know about yordles and yet, unlike Poppy: ā€¢ Kled is a folk hero who, in his biography it doesn't clarify whether he is always under the glamour and it seems to hint towards the opposite due to how much detail it describes Kled the yordle and his drakolops _not_ old human geezer and his pony. ā€¢ Kled does not give a crap about maintaining his disguise and charges into combat, probably losing it as he does. ā€¢ The people in his story don't recognize Kled the human but, if the tales of Kled aren't of him as a yordle, they really should recognize Kled's glamour. Just... Why? I don't understand. The only region with a view on yordles that we understand is Ionia and that's because they know yordles exist and they're not uncommon in Ionia's population (though do Ionian yordles intentionally not use the glamour? Because so far it seems that yordles can't control it). **** **TL;DR** Where's the yordle lore update? These shortstacks make no sense.
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