@Riot: Could we get Galio on the Map?

Currently on the map of Runeterra, zooming on specific regions show structures of importance for each each region. With the exception of the Shadow Isles where we see the Black Mist, and a popular speculation, come next Harrowing we with see the Black Mist creep up the map and cover Bilgewater. {{champion:3}} is both an important monument to Demacia and a moving structure. The Demacians take him into battle with them and I think this is something that can build hype in the community preceding Demacian events. To notice that Galio has been moved, making us wonder what epic battle are the Demacians are marching toward!? Only to our realization that, they moved him closer to the capital for a festival in celebration of Demacia's founding (their Independence day). And of course moving him into an _actual_ battle other times. This would give the map a certain life to it, seeing these things happen (the moving of Galio into battle, the spreading of the Black Mist and the expansion of Noxian borders) as if they were happening in real world time. I look forward to seeing the map evolve and how it is going to be utilized in future stories. **** I'm certain this was one idea already pitched in the office, there might be a Rioter already pushing for these things, however the map was just released and all good things come in due time, just trying to show some support from the earlier stages. {{sticker:galio-happy}}
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