A big Thank You for Riot's artists. I hope a Rioter will see this

Okay, it’ll be long, read it only if you want to. It’s not a super interesting story, nor something so emotional to make you cry, but I felt I had to share my thoughts, cause maybe a Rioter will see this post. It’s about the new winter skins. Especially Ice King Twitch. And my childhood. I didn’t have a very happy childhood and I didn’t really have anyone close. I was born in a quite poor family, my mother was busy working and earning money for us, because my father was jobless like 75% of the time. A drug and alcohol addict and a psychopath who enjoyed making my days horrible. As you can imagine, I never truly had a proper Christmas or winter holiday. Maybe a chocolate and some pencils as gifts, my grandmother could afford a tree sometimes. I remember the days spent at her house, staying there on the balcony and looking at the boulevard and its dazzling lights. Everything was peaceful and quiet, no home violence, no broken glasses… just a small gift and those golden lights and some distant carols. Those were ones of my only happy memories. The best Christmas I have ever had was when I was 9, I was living in a special centre then with other domestic violence victims. We were all coming from poor families, but the people there made us feel like we were the happiest and most loved children on earth. Exactly the same dazzling lights, the yellowish globes, the candles, everything. We spent that night playing, and we had these ‘bad’ characters, ice spirits, wandering lonely and watching every move and waiting to strike with icy powers. After that year, another life problems came and went away, my father kept getting worse and worse, until one day me and my mother had to run away from our home in a small town like 300 km farther. Ok, long story. I started playing LoL because I wanted to forget about the problems at home and keep my mind busy with something pleasant. For the first time in the latter part of my life, I felt appreciated. The fact that I can carry and get a ‘WP’ means more than you can even imagine. Today I saw the Ice King Twitch skin splash, and I almost cried. Why? The city in the background is EXACTLY what I saw when I spent those days at my grandmother, and that Christmas with the other children at the centre. The same shining layer of snow and yellow windows, candles, ornaments and quiet streets. And guess who’s watching those, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack its prey and bring the adrenaline in the veins of the children who give him orders: Twitch, or, actually, the ice spirit figure I have told you about. This splash art is everything beautiful I can remember when I think about my holidays. The atmosphere is simply too perfect and too identical to that dream, perfect, imaginary winter world that would overlap some shallow and painful memories of Christmas-es I hadn’t celebrated. Thank you, Riot. While not intentional, this was one of the best gifts I could’ve ever receive. Every cherished moment in my past in one image. I don’t even care if I’ll never afford the skin. The memories the splash has revived are priceless and more important than any random 200000k RP skin. Thanks again.
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