About the Glorious Evolved…

Hi. For context, I’m Camille’s narrative writer. I’m responsible for Camille’s VO and I also wrote “The Weakest Heart”, “Tea with the Gray Lady”, and her bio. I don’t usually post on the boards (we writers tend to be a little shy), but I do read. As the author of the above stories, I want to ease the fears of Viktor fans where I can. I understand it feels crappy to wait in the dark and wonder. My intention in “The Weakest Heart” was never to strip Viktor of his background. Two of Viktor’s core narrative pillars for me are that he is a fervent believer in his cause and that he is a man of science. On a recent devblog Ant in Oz mentioned the idea of a story hook. I thought ‘evolving’ the Glorious Evolution could be a good hook to dig into with Viktor and challenge him as a character. (Part of building story hooks is also to make hooks we, as the writers who might be using them in the future, want to tell.) Viktor wants to bring people to his cause. He wants those people who join him to understand his cause as he does. As some have speculated here, what if some of those people see more of the miracle and less of the science? What would a man of science do with that? For me as a writer, that’s a juicy character question to build a story around. (Which is why I didn’t give Camille an aside on Viktor in "The Weakest Heart". I thought it would be a bit cheap to answer it that way versus a story that centered on Viktor as the protagonist.) I hope this clarifies things a bit and helps Viktor fans sleep better tonight.
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