It's stuff like this, Riot, that makes me upset that this game's Art can go unnoticed too often This video. Is a masterpiece. It feels like a Disney movie trailer and it's amazing. This may sound really sappy and weird, but I genuinely got goosebumps and felt like tearing up when I heard the music. Watching this video just made me sorta realize how unnoticed these things go. Riot CLEARLY has a deep passion for the game's lore, art and music. This is the only game where I've seen a company put a clear effort in building not only a unique and fantastical world, but also one so detailed that people were willing to play an MMO just to experience the world first-hand. With the art, I personally have never looked at something Riot has made and went "Damn that is hideous, Riot's definetly deleting those (and yes, even the Sewn Chaos, though they were pretty bad, they weren't absolutely hideous). On the other hand, I can name plenty of Overwatch skins that make me think "How did this even make it through concept art? (but that's another story)." Hell there are even some login themes that I still jam out to today. Overall, I just want to appreciate Riot for the passion they have in this department, it actually pains me to see people jump on the Riot hate train so much for their balance team (a whole different can of worms mind you) and never really *try* to appreciate other things the company does.

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