I feel like there's a disconnect between Kassadin's looks and his lore

**DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A KASSADIN MAIN, SO TAKE EVERYTHING I SAY WITH A GRAIN OF SALT** Kassadin, to me, gives off a Darth Vader vibe; he seems like he should be ruling an intergalactic empire and seems a little too comfortable on that throne in his Festive skin's splash art. However, his story just feels completely different. If I only read Kassadin's lore, it would call to mind the image of a haggard veteran with hate in his eyes and nothing to lose, whose only goal is to destroy that which took everything from him. I feel like he should look more like a cybernetic super-soldier (Doom Guy comes to mind) with some Void stylings sprinkled in. Of course, I'm not asking for his whole mage-assassin thing to be gotten rid of, but when I look at Kassadin, I don't think "vengeful father"; I think "ancient cosmic warrior". What do you guys think? If I'm not mistaken, Kassadin is in line for a GU or VGU at some point in the future, so what would you want out of a rework?
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