Riven's part in the Awaken cinematic doesn't make sense to me

As we know, Noxians LOVE gladiatorial combat {{champion:119}} , but here's a MAJOR issue I have with {{champion:92}} being the protagonist of the Gladiator match. She hasn't, at all, had a reason to be there or do something like that. Her current lore shows she shouldn't even be in Noxus at all. You know who SHOULD be there in HER place, as Noxian Gladiatorial combat is IMPORTANT TO THEIR LORE? {{champion:5}} !!!! HE SHOULD BE THE ONE DOING THIS! NOT {{champion:92}} Why she is the one participating in this when her story has NOTHING to do with this and {{champion:5}} 's does? Makes no sense. Edit: Saying it's what she's doing now in the lore without even updating her universe bio is the lamest excuse to push your weeb cater in advertisement.
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